Sunday, February 19, 2012


i juz dont know ho wto describe my feeling towards diz new addiction..i'm listening all their song nite and day... the song dat i luv da most is STAY, KOE WO KIKASETE, HARU HARU, TOP OF THE WORLD, GARA GARA GO, EVERYTHING, A FOOL'S ONLY TEARS, FOLLOW ME, I DONT UNDERSTAND, MAKE LOVE, MY HEAVEN,MAD ABOUT YOU, LIE, STUPID LIAR, A GOOD MAN... OMMO i did listing almost of their hot n sweet song... their solo song also is on my list n i luv it too.. heheh... i heard their new song BLUE is going to hit da jackport too...hahaha... LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITTT... kya~~~~JUZ SHARING.... ^.^

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